Five Best Coffee Houses

To celebrate National coffee day which is September 29, here are some of the best, local and independent coffee shops.

Malabar Coffee House

Malabar coffee house – Sevenoaks

Malabar coffee shops, located in Sevenoaks and the other in Riverhead, are an award-winning, independent brand.

They have their own unique, organic blend of coffee, which is exclusive to Malabar coffee house and can only be found in either of their two coffee shops.

Finch House

Finch House – Tonbridge

Located in the Pavilion shopping centre, this coffee house does a large variety of different artisan coffees.

The artisan hot drinks are all roasted, ranging for dark, medium and light, to the shops unique on recipe.

They currently have a new citrus blend of coffee that they are selling.

Fine Grind Espresso Bar

Fine Grind Espresso Bar – Tunbridge Wells

Set on the High Street, the Fine Grind Espresso Bar is immaculate when it comes to making coffee.

With the top of the range coffee machines and grinders, all of the baristas are professionally trained and take extreme care when making your coffee to ensure you have the perfect cup.

Indulgence Coffee House

Indulgence Coffee House – Tenterden

Indulgence prides itself on using local ingredients and uses the Kent Tea and Coffee company, in Pluckley, for its supplies which include all the favourites.

Food for thought

Food for thought – Cranbrook

Cranbrook’s local coffee shop has a range of Fairtrade coffees, which are made even enjoyable by the quaint courtyard seating area the café offers.