Books of the Week

Books of the Week

Here’s this week’s pick of the best new books around.

The Scarlet Gospels by Clive Barker
The gates to Hell are open and a Cenobite Hell Priest – also known as the iconic horror character Pinhead – is on the loose. In a bid to become more powerful so he can take over Hell, Pinhead is killing Earth’s last remaining magicians and absorbing their powers. While investigating one of the murders, Harry D’Amour inadvertently opens a portal to the dark side and is drawn into a deadly battle with Pinhead. After the Hell Priest captures D’Amour’s blind medium friend, he must literally go through Hell to save her.
Published by Pan Macmillan, priced at £18.99

I Saw a Man by Owen Sheers
Already earning rave reviews for its poetic prose and moving exploration of grief, I Saw a Man is also a gripping thriller-style tale. While still mourning the loss of his journalist wife, Michael moves to London and quickly makes friends with the young family next door, who represent everything he fears he will now never have. But one afternoon, Michael steps into their house believing it to be empty and a terrible accident changes all their lives forever…
Published by Faber & Faber (on May 28), priced at £14.99

The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett
What if one small decision could change the course of your life? It’s 1958 – the paths of Cambridge students Eva and Jim are destined to cross, but what if they didn’t? Or what if their reactions had been slightly different? This debut novel explores three different versions of Eva and Jim’s lives – both together and apart – and discusses the ever-intriguing idea of how our lives can turn on even the most seemingly insignificant of moments.
Published by Orion Publishing Co (on May 28), priced at £12.99

Instrumental by James Rhodes
Having just won a court battle to publish his memoirs, renowned concert pianist Rhodes is now able to tell his moving life story and reveal the abuse he suffered as a child. Throughout the pain and conflict he has experienced, music has been the thread that has held Rhodes together through the years. Even in the darker moments, his writing is witty and candid, and reveals how music has guided, inspired and enriched his life.
Published by Canongate Books (on May 28), priced at £16.99

On the Move: A Life by Oliver Sacks
Neurologist Oliver Sacks has written numerous fascinating books that shed light on neurological disorders – including The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat – but now his own life goes under the microscope in his new autobiography. From his illuminating travels and the patients that most affected his life, to his fitness passions, romantic relationships and bond with his schizophrenic brother, we learn more about the man who has revealed so much about the workings of the human brain.
Published by Pan Macmillan, priced at £20