Books of the Week

Books of the Week

If you’re looking for a great read, here’s this week’s selection of the best new books around.

Words of Command by Allan Mallinson
In the hard winter of 1830, Britain is facing rural unrest as the Prime Minister, the Iron Duke, resists calls for parliamentary reform. With the yeomanry regiments having been mostly disbanded to save money, the threat of violence is ever-present, even against the King. But when Lieutenant-Colonel Matthew Hervey takes his 6th Light Dragoons to Brussels for the 15th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, and gets caught up in the Belgian uprising against Dutch rule, will he be able to stay out of the fighting?
Published by Transworld, priced at £18.99

Death in Devon – The County Guides by Ian Sansom
In the follow-up to A Norfolk Mystery, Swanton Morley heads for the English Riviera to continue his series of county guides in this entertaining 1930s murder mystery. Along with his daughter Miriam and assistant Stephen Sefton, Morley is drawn into a new puzzle when a schoolboy dies in mysterious circumstances. Convinced that the lad’s death was not an accident, the trio set out to solve the crime.
Published by HarperCollins, priced at £12.99

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy
Working as a ‘corporate anthropologist’, the talented U works for an elite consultancy in contemporary London, which advises everyone from the Government to big business. But while U is supposed to be helping them manipulate the way other people see the world, U becomes obsessed with the news and entertainment images that bombard him and wondering if they’re all part of a big code that needs to be cracked?
Published by Vintage, priced at £16.99

King John by Marc Morris
Known to many as the villainous monarch from the Robin Hood stories, King John has a reputation of being a monster, but what was the truth behind this complex man? From the youngest son with few prospects, to the ruler of an empire reaching from the Scottish border to the Pyrenees, John spent much of his life doing battle with one foe or another and his reign was characterised by murder, treachery and rebellion. Published to coincide with the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta that his subjects forced John to sign, this is a compelling portrait of a remarkable and tyrannical king.
Published by Cornerstone, priced at £25

Tom Jones – The Life by Sean Smith
When young Tom Jones married his sweetheart at the age of just 16, the boy from a Welsh mining village could have had no idea that he would become an icon in the music world. As his 75th birthday looms, Jones’ rollercoaster life is the subject of this illuminating book. From superstar to obscurity and back again, his story is one of incredible highs and lows, culminating in his current status as a respected veteran and mentor to younger artists.
Published by HarperCollins, priced at £18.99