Books of the Week

Books of the Week

If you’re looking for a great read, here’s this week’s pick of the best books around.

After the Crash by Michael Bussi
The year is 1980 – a passenger plane crashes on the Franco-Swiss border, killing everyone onboard, except for one baby girl. Two families, one rich and one poor, come forward to claim the miraculous survivor, but no one knows who is telling the truth. Eighteen years later, the chief investigator prepares to end his own life after failing to uncover her true identity, but suddenly he discovers an incredible secret that changes everything…
Published by Orion (on March 12), priced £14.99

Prodigal Son by Danielle Steele
When Peter McDowell suddenly loses his career, money, home and marriage, he has only one retreat – the lakeside cottage inherited from his parents. This means a reunion with his twin brother Michael, after a 20-year estrangement. Michael is now a pillar of the local community, but Peter remembers his brother’s manipulative past. When he begins to question whether Michael is all he seems, Peter makes a discovery that will change the lives of his entire family forever.
Published by Transworld, priced £18.99

My Fight to the Top – Michelle Mone
Now one of the world’s most respected businesswomen, Michelle Mone had a humble upbringing in east end Glasgow, leaving school at 15 to care for her wheelchair-bound father. Redundancy forced her to think creatively and she came up with an idea that would change her life, as well as the lives of millions of women. The cleavage-enhancing Ultimo brand put Mone on the business map, revolutionised underwear and proved that talent and hard work really can take you to the top. This is her story…
Published by Bonnier Books, priced £18.99

The Death’s Head Chess Club by John Donoghue
During the Second World War, a wounded SS officer is sent to Auschwitz to take up administrative duties and his first job is to improve camp morale. He sets up a chess club that becomes an important part of the officers’ lives, but when he hears about a Jewish prisoner who is rumoured to be unbeatable, he decides to investigate. But it promises to be a haunting encounter.
Published by Atlantic Books, £12.99

Once Upon a Time in the West… Country by Tony Hawks
After hitchhiking around Ireland with a fridge and taking on the entire Moldovan football team at tennis, Tony Hawks was ready for a new challenge. So the city boy left London for the wildest depths of Devon – and now he has plenty of stories to tell. Country life is soon busy with village meetings, disastrous tractor runs and the impending birth of a baby, but there’s still time for Hawks to enjoy a solo adventure – in the company of a pig called Titch, of course.
Published by Hodder & Stoughton (on March 12), priced £14.99