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Make You Think

If you tend to hold on to old beauty products for years after you purchased them, then it could be time to empty your makeup bag into the bin and go on a shopping spree. Beauty retailer recently joined forces with London Metropolitan University to analyse out of date cosmetics and the findings are shocking. They discovered that four out of five products they examined, tested positive for Enterococcus faecalis, a deadly strain of bacteria which causes meningitis and Septicaemia. “Most women are totally unaware that their cosmetics are a potentially breeding ground for deadly bacteria,” says Esscentual CEO Rakesh Aggarwal. “But if you think about it, you wouldn’t keep food for months after the use by date so why should this be acceptable for cosmetics?”

Going Pro

Good news for makeup artists – MAC Cosmetics has announced the opening of its first flagship pro store in the UK, the largest global pro flagship for the brand, located on London’s Carnaby Street. The store premieres an eight metre high feature wall dedicated to showcasing the creativity of emerging local artists or designers throughout the year. One creative will take over the installation space with a self-contained piece of work, created exclusively for MAC, celebrating the best of British talent. The pro flagship will offer specialist makeup services such as bridal, theatrical, makeup lessons and workshops such as ‘M∙A∙C techniques’.

Hop To It

It may be less conventional than a spin class or running on the treadmill, but researchers at Loughborough University have discovered that hopping for two minutes a day can help to increase bone density by up to 7%. “Hip fractures are a major public health concern among older adults, incurring both high economic and social costs. Those affected suffer pain, loss of mobility and independence, and increased risk of death,” says Dr Sarah Allison, who conducted the research at Loughborough University’s National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine. “We know exercise can improve bone strength and so we wanted to test a form of exercise that is both easy and quick for people to achieve in their homes.”