What happens when a French snob, and English sommelier and a loudmouth American walk into a bar? In the case of the Bottle Bitches, they pop open a bottle of wine and get to chatting. This month they’re reviewing a Tannat from Uruguay that is literally flames.

THE WINE: Pisano Cisplatino Tannat 2015 – Progresso, Uruguay.

WHERE FROM: Marks and Spencer for £9.50.

DID YOU KNOW: Tannat is a very distinctive varietal; dark in colour with notable tannins from the thick skins of the grapes. It originates from South West France where you would commonly find it in Madiran wines blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

PARTY FACT: Tannat made its way to Uruguay by Basque settlers in the 19th century. The Uruguayan climate
is perfect for the Tannat vine, which it can become astringent in taste in less favourable climates.

BONUS FACT: Heard about the health benefits of wine? Well it’s the red sort doctors and scientists are hailing, but more specifically those with thick skins that are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, which are considered one of the agents that can inhibit cancer-feeding blood vessels. If we want to find all these health benefits in our wine, we need to look for grapes with thick dark skins… Come on down, Tannat!

PAIR THIS WITH: Uruguayans are just as serious about their steaks as the Argentinians next door, and this wine is the perfect match! You need well-structured wines to hold up against tough meats. Not to get too sciencey, but when you drink and chew, tannin molecules bond with and soften the protein in steaks, simultaneously they also soften the fat, releasing the meat’s flavour and mellowing the wine’s tannin.

Angela’s personal food tip: Grilled duck, cherry sauce and Tannat wine is a must try combination!


Caro: This purple-hued wine smells like those Café Noir biscuits! You know the ones? A coffee aroma that you find on the palate too, but with the slight bitterness of the tannins. Whilst it’s got a pretty heavy arse, meaning one glass is probably enough, this is the
perfect drink to enjoy whilst snuggling under a blanket with your favourite bitches, watching the stars by a campfire on an autumn night!

Angela: This smells like a mocha hot chocolate, like REALLY smells of mocha hot chocolate! I love that smell but do I want this from my wine? Luckily, it tastes nothing like the aroma! It’s really fruity with cranberries, raspberries and plum notes, finished off with sweet spice and grippy tannins. I like it, I’d probably have only a glass, but I’d enjoy it.

Kate: Dang. This wine is fragrant! And it smells like Thanksgiving Day (sorry guys, Loudmouth American here) with the turkey in the oven, the cranberries boiling on the stove, pies being made, grandma’s iconic perfume… #AllTheThings. This wine is also delicious (though a bit overwhelmingly so) and will be a go-to come holiday season for big family meals.

This is a wine to share and savour. Keep it back for the meat course at your next dinner party and move on to something else after the bottle’s gone.

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