As Bottle Bitches, we’re staunchly against the idea of a dry January. That being said, we love a challenge, and the New Year presents us with an opportunity to set new goals and test our limits. This month, we challenged ourselves to get out of our comfort zones and pick up a bottle that we’d never tried before. Drinking something new can always be a bit of a gamble but sometimes you hit the jackpot.

THE WINE: Biferno Rosso Riserva Palladino 2012 – Italy.

WHERE FROM: (£13.95 from Gusta).

DID YOU KNOW: New Year, New Wine! The wine we’ve chosen this month is a new blend for all three of us and hails from one of the countries newest wine regions, Molise. This Montepulciano and Aglianico blend is produced by a cooperative of producers called Camillo de Lellis, who are based along the coastline of the Molise region in central Italy.

One of Italy’s lesser-known and newly-recognised wine regions, Molise is situated on the eastern side of the Apennines and bordered by Lazio, Puglia and Abruzzo. The influence of the Adriatic sea make it perfect for vine growing! The region is known for making bold and rustic reds, blending in grapes from the cooler coastal region and warmer inland areas.

DINNER PARTY TRIVIA: Biferno wines are named after the largest river in Molise.


Caro: Deep ruby hues with spicy and woody aromas, this wine has winter written all over it! Whilst it is a bit on the dry side at first, a little time and air will create a much more balanced experience that makes me want to put my PJs on and sip it by the fire.

Angela: My first thoughts of this wine is that can be summed up with ‘grippy, rough and rustic’. The colour is deep garnet with hints of browning towards the edge due to its age. Leaving it to mellow for an hour allowed the red fruits aroma and softer mouth feel to shine through and the flavours became more juicy with lots of red berries and vanilla.

Kate: Whoa, this rustic red is hella dry. But like a first date, it starts to open up and give way to juicier notes as the evening moves along. The rustic elements combined with the very distinct taste of raisins transported me back to childhood trips to the zoo – all those earthy smells blowing in the wind and a little cardboard box of Sun-Maid Raisins in my pocket, slowly savoured one-by-one. What’s that they say, sometimes you need to look back to move forward?

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