What happens when a French snob, and English sommelier and a loudmouth American walk into a bar? In the case of the Bottle Bitches, they pop open a bottle of wine and get to chatting. This month they’re reviewing an Australian Viognier that’s perfect for harvest season.

THE WINE: Yalumba Viognier 2016 from South Australia

WHERE FROM: Waitrose for £9.99

DID YOU KNOW: Viognier is a white varietal originating from the Rhône region in France and is often described as a love-it or hate-it wine due to the fact it has an inherent musky, almost perfumed aroma and taste to it. If you like white Côtes du Rhône, aromatic Torrontés and oaky Chardonnay, give this a try!

PARTY FACT: In the 1980s, Viognier almost disappeared due to its low popularity and its difficulty to grow. Having been heralded by winemakers for its interesting characteristics and food pairing capability, it can now be found around the winemaking world, particularly Italy, Australia, Chile as well as throughout the Rhône.

BONUS FACT: Yalumba is the oldest family-run winery in Australia.  Dorset-born Samuel Smith set sail from his  hometown of Wareham  for Port Adelaide with his wife Mary and their four children at the age of 35. After settling as a gardener, he planted his first vines in 1849 and within a few years was dominating all the local wine shows– and they still do to this day!

PAIR THIS WITH: Creamy cheeses, chicken, pork, tagines and autumnal root vegetables like sweet potato and butternut squash. We sipped ours with a pumpkin and pecorino pizza. (Visit our website for Angela’s recipe!)


Caro: A heavy syrupy and herbal booziness that smells like Triple Karmeliet (Belgian beer) but feels like Benedictine or even Absynthe. Not my jazz, but it did improve when paired with food, soooo…

Angela: This wine has a powerful aroma of stone fruit and florals but is toned down by a fresh lemon note. The palate is full and musky – perfect for pairing with herbs and roasted or smoky meats. I’ll admit that I’ve had this wine many times before, and it’s such an autumnal go-to for me. I’ll even go as far to say I’m on a crusade to get Viognier on everyone’s radar. It’s worked so far with the parents and the in-laws, so I’m all set for a Sunday roast!

Kate: This is perfect for a crisp autumn evening. It smells like freshly pressed olive oil, ripe musk melon, and warm bread wafting in from the kitchen. Once you start drinking it’s bright, has a bit of a prickle, and lingers on your palate like a good friend who’s always last to leave a party. Pairs well with butternut squash and your favourite sweater.

WOULD WE HAVE ANOTHER GLASS? Caro is having none of this, which is fine by Angela and Kate who’ll just have to finish the bottle…

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