The Finer Things

The Finer Things

Because life’s too short not to…



For that special someone at the very top of your nice list, what could surprise them more than a gift of the striking – and exceedingly rare – Infiniti Q60 Neiman Marcus Limited Edition. Neiman Marcus is offering the sports car for £50,237. Only 50 are available in the stunning Solar Mica paint, with enhancements so special they’ll make hearts flutter faster than the twin turbocharged V6 engine.



For a tree topper to top all others, the ultimate luxury website VeryFirstTo is offering the most remarkable Christmas tree star ever created for £615,000.  Adorned with a grand total of 281 diamonds and cradling the five Carat D flawless diamond as its centrepiece, no other star will sparkle quite so exquisitely. And, to keep that brilliance with you all year round, the centre diamond removes to transform into a stunning necklace, keeping it close to your heart until the next year.



Treat Santa this Christmas with the Glenlivet Winchester, vintage 1966 to wash down his mince pies. As the pinnacle of the Glenlivet range, the series of rarefied 50 year-old single malt whiskies have been crafted over generations, matured over decades and hidden within the walls of the distillery. With only 100 bottles of this precious liquid in existence, the historic Scotch will be priced at £20,000 and sold in the equally lavish setting of Harrods for its UK launch. You can certainly make someone very merry with this special gift.


Most Expensive Christmas Wreath

Astound your guests before they even step a foot through the door with the world’s most expensive Christmas wreath. Coming in at a total of £2,835,000, the 138.83 carat piece is sprinkled with over 40 diamonds and rubies, laced with some of the most expensive flowers in the world and delicately bound by top Finnish Floral Designer Pasi Jokinen-Carte. Mind those carol singers keeps their mitts off!



Bring back that pure childhood elation to your Christmas dinner party this year as your guests pull their crackers to reveal, not another paper hat, but an Aston Martin Vanquish Coupe, a diamond Cartier necklace or even the key to their brand new yacht.
£4,018,600 is the price for the world’s most luxurious Christmas crackers, and with prizes like these, losing may sting just that little bit more.



At this time of the year, food deserves centre stage, and what could make a better show stopper than the world’s most decadent Christmas hamper? For £85,605 some of the most delectable desirables on offer could be garnishing your own festive celebrations.
Complete with Versace for Rosenthal Champagne flutes, a gorgeous mother of pearl caviar dish and a striking mother of pearl bottle opener. It’ll be very hard to give this gift away…



Perhaps the only thing faster in the skies than Santa’s sleigh, the Cobalt Valkyrie-X private plane will be one of the
fastest piston aircrafts in the world when it debuts in 2017. And being available in a glorious rose gold, it looks to be one of the most spectacular too. For £1,190,000 this magnificent aircraft joins the illustrious Neiman Marcus
fantasy gifts list, and something tells us this one may be a little tricky to hide under the tree…