Mum’s the word on festivals

Are you heading to a family-friendly festival this summer? Natalie McIlveen and Laura Swann from Mum’s the Word share some handy hints on making the most of your experience

It’s June, which can only mean one thing – the start of the festival season has arrived! It’s that time of year when we
decamp to a field for a weekend of fun, laughter and letting loose without a care in the world. Well, that’s what we did pre-children, anyway; now that we have a couple of little ones in tow, we’ve learned a lot along the way!

We’ve been camping as a family since the kids were tiny, but decided to embark on our first family
festival a couple of years ago, and we’re so glad that we did! The brilliant thing about going to one of these events is the wide range of entertainment that takes place. There’s something for everyone – old and young – from craft and forest skills, to silent discos and street food.

Whatever you do, though, don’t go expecting a rest, as festivals are full-on fun! Your children will wake up at the crack of dawn (even earlier than they do at home), and you’ll find that you’ve taken part in family yoga, wacky races and a street dance lesson, all before 10am!

But when else do you get to spend all day and night outdoors, with entertainment on tap and no distractions from phones, PlayStations, tablets and everyday life? It really is good for the soul, and a time to create memories that you’ll treasure forever.

Top tips for festival-goers with youngsters

  • Start small
    The first family festival that we went to was just 30 minutes up the road. Treat it as a test; worst-case scenario, you can go home if the baby won’t sleep, and head back the next day.
  • Festivals can be busy
    Remember to put your mobile number on your child’s wristband, and fi nd a meeting spot in case
    you get separated.
  • Pack wellies and lots of layers
    Even if the weather’s good, it does always get cold at night and damp underfoot in the morning! Grobags are excellent for keeping children warm.
  • Don’t wear dungarees
    Although they do form the basis of our mum uniform, dangly dungaree straps don’t mix with Portaloos!
  • Make sure that you pack raincoats and sunscreen
    As we’re talking about the UK, you’ll probably need both!
  • But most of all, have fun!
    Forget routines, throw caution to the wind, and start making those memories – you won’t regret it.

Mum’s the Word are taking their family-friendly dance party #wild_child to Woodlands Festival on Sunday June 10.
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