Love where you live – Wealden


Cranbrook Iron

Where do you live?

Kilndown, near Lamberhurst.

How long have you lived there and what made you decide to move there?

Ten years, and the complete lack of neighbours!

What’s your favourite shop locally?

I don’t really go shopping except in charity shops but I love some of the small independent traders and galleries in the area, like The Old Haberdashery in Ticehurst and The West End House gallery in Smarden.

Where’s the best place to go for a Sunday stroll?

I love walking in the woods around Scotney Castle whenever I get the chance.

The best place to get a cup of coffee?

I’m a tea drinker! Harry at King John’s Nursery in Etchingham does a nice pot.

Where do you take people when they come to visit?

Generally to Rye, Camber or Dungeness; I grew up on the coast in Northumberland and need a seaside fix quite often.

What’s the night life like where you live?

There isn’t one – except for the owls and foxes yelling at each other, which is why I live there!

Where’s your favourite place to eat locally?

Probably The Three Chimneys pub between Sissinghurst and Frittenden.

Are there any nice views nearby?

The whole area is so pretty, but I think I prefer the woods and lanes to the big open spaces.

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, where’s your favourite place to go?

In my garden.

Where’s the best place to meet friends and socialise?

We tend to meet at each other’s houses on the rare occasions when free time coincides!

What do you do when you spend a weekend or day off in the local area?

I spend it at home, as I’m so infrequently there; it’s such a treat to have time in the garden and bliss after spending most of the week faffing about with sheet steel.

Why do you love where you live?

Peace and quiet, it’s a real haven.