Love where you Live Tonbridge & Malling


Where do you live?
I currently live in Paddock Wood, a small town in the beautiful Kentish countryside.

How long have you lived there and what made you decide to move there?
I grew up on the outskirts of Paddock Wood after my parents relocated here from the coast when I was a baby, however after finishing university in London I moved back and further into the town. Having lived here my whole life there is a great sense of community and a friendly face every time you leave the house.

What’s your favourite shop locally?
My favourite shop to visit is Colonnade Florist in Tunbridge Wells. I work with the wonderful ladies there quite often as they frequently provide beautiful bouquets and floral details for my photo shoots. It’s always a joy to visit the shop as it smells absolutely amazing and is full of colour.

Where’s the best place to go for a Sunday stroll?
Whenever I feel like taking a walk, Foal Hurst Wood is the perfect place. Situated on Badsell Road, it is a nature reserve comprising of woodland and meadows. There is a trail that runs around the perimeter of the woods, while interlinking footpaths allow you to explore the interior, so it’s a lovely place to rack up my 10K steps a day. It also provides me with multiple different backdrops for my photo shoots and allows children to explore and play during my sessions with families.

Where do you take people when they come to visit?
I often have friends and family visit from London and Glasgow and I love taking them to Scotney Castle. The country house, gardens and surrounding fields make it the perfect place to introduce and show off the Garden of England.

What’s the night life like where you live?
Paddock Wood has multiple restaurants and takeaways, which makes going out for dinner and staying in for a cosy night easy. It’s also a short drive to the Odeon cinema and numerous clubs in Tunbridge Wells.
Where’s your favourite place to eat locally?My absolute favourite place to eat is the Neville Crest and Gun in Eridge as it’s a quintessential Kentish pub with gorgeous features, like the wooden beams. The food is delicious and it’s a wonderful place to visit year round as you can eat outside or in the conservatory during summer and by the fireplace in colder months.

Are there any nice views nearby?
Absolutely! If you drive a couple of minutes outside of Paddock Wood towards Horsmonden there are multiple public footpaths that take you along a beautiful walk through the Weald of Kent. Following this route you can catch some incredible views of the fields and greenery.

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, where’s your favourite place to go?
When I need to relax and unwind I like to clear my thoughts by walking and getting some fresh air. My favourite place to do this is Sprivers in Horsmonden, following their gentle woodland walk around the mansion. It’s a really nice route complete with ponds, rivers and sheep fields, plus they allow dogs here so it’s nice to get some cuddles and chat to other dog lovers on the way round.

Where’s the best place to meet friends and socialise?
Recently my friends and I have spent a lot of time at Mr. Mulligan’s Dino Golf in Tonbridge. Even though we are all in our twenties, you are never too old to appreciate dinosaurs!

Why do you love where you live?
I love where I live because it is the best of both worlds – Paddock Wood is a prime location for connections to London and larger towns while still enabling me to experience everything that comes with living in the countryside, which I couldn’t live without.