Father’s Day Fashion

This month, image consultant and stylist Catherine de Crèvecoeur focuses on men’s style, and explains how to keep things sharp yet simple with this season’s wardrobe must haves…

When it comes to managing your summer wardrobe, simplicity is key. Avoid patterns and unnecessary embellishments. And by embellishments, I mean extra pockets when there is no need for them or fire breathing tiger printed t-shirts when a subtle logo will do. With the high street stepping up their game and designers offering more fashion-forward styles alongside classic pieces, it’s time to give your wardrobe a refresh. Here are my top must-have pieces and how to wear them without coming across as though you’ve tried too hard.


Pink is having a bit of a moment, with some of the most respectable designers injecting it into their menswear collections. If you’re going to brave the trend, play it safe with a single item, be it a simple t-shirt, a pair of socks or a fine knit jumper.


Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you can’t wear proper shoes. With brands from Clarks to Prada making the suede boot a must-have, they seem to be the answer to balancing casual and smart. Go for a sand coloured pair as they will go with everything.


If your step and calorie count matter to you, then this watch ticks all the boxes. With a suitably slim wrist band and sleek interface, telling the time and keeping fit has become very fashionable indeed.


Whether you wear it for your commute to the office or on a night out, the trench jacket is a reliable, timeless classic addition to any wardrobe. Wear it over a suit or a smart casual outfit and make trans seasonal dressing easy.


Get in touch with your inner James Dean and make your sunglasses add that effortlessly cool finishing touch. The semi-circular shade has made a huge come-back with brands like Oliver People leading the way. Go for tortoiseshell frames or reflective lenses to tick all the on-trend boxes.


One way to stay looking sharp with minimal effort is to match a relaxed, everyday tailored jacket with casual trousers and shoes. Make sure the fit is perfect for you as, like any blazer or jacket, this will make all the difference to your outfit.


More than any other item, keep your shorts simple this summer, avoiding any extra pockets or oversized styles. Invest in at least three different colours which you can mix and match with your shirts and t-shirts.


Not a shirt, not a jacket, the shirt jacket has the wearability of a summer shirt as well as a final layer over a t-shirt when the temperatures cools down. What more can a man ask for?

Catherine de Crèvecoeur