Fashion Myths

Forget those fashion fibs you were told growing up, it’s time to break some rules. Our expert personal stylist, Catherine de Crèvecoeur, shows us exactly how, by demystifying some of those myths and opening up a whole new world of fashion possibilities for our wardrobes…

MYTH: Larger prints work for larger women and smaller prints work for smaller women

Fashionistas of all shapes and sizes across the world have proven to us that this is indeed not true. A good print is a good print whether you’re a size 8 or 16. The key is the fit of the printed garment, how you style it and with how much confidence you wear it with.

MYTH: I’m too old for this

They say that miniskirts shouldn’t be worn by women over 35. Nonsense. If you want to show off your pins and wear a mini then go for it. It’s all about how you wear it, how it makes you feel and what you want your overall look to say about you.

MYTH: Sequins are for nights out only

There’s no reason for your sequined pieces or accessories to be kept for the party season or a night out. They can be just as eye-catching dressed down with your comfiest knits or T-shirts as they can at a cocktail party.

MYTH: Black and Navy don’t go together

They can be worn together. Yves Saint Laurent himself introduced black and navy outfits through some of his most memorable collections. If you are a fan of blue and are looking for an understated, chic look (or simply stuck with colour options), then have a go at pairing these two wonderful hues together and see for yourself…it works.

MYTH: Nude tights are just for old ladies

Oh no they aren’t. And with the weather conditions we live in, you’ll want to be sure you have a good stock of your nicest nude pairs on standby for those sunny, yet chilly days.

MYTH: I’m too short to wear long dresses and skirts

If you’re petite in size, you don’t need to avoid long dresses. If the fitting is right then it can end up flattering your figure. Chose a lightweight fabric and wear with comfy height-adding wedges for a beautiful, easy summer look.

MYTH: Your bag must match your shoes

I think we have gradually seen the back of this myth but it’s still lurking. My advice is to completely let go of this idea and mix it up in the accessory department (do this with prints, colours, both!)

MYTH: Never wear denim with denim

If you follow my Instagram feed (@stylepourmoi) then you’ll have noticed that I prove quite the opposite. Good double denim is easily achieved and great for making your casual look interesting, as long as you vary the wash of the two pieces.

MYTH: Create your outfit around one statement piece only

As much as I would recommend you use simple, neutral pieces to balance a bolder, statement piece, there  is no reason to not add more than one statement item to your look. Just make sure you spread them out so that they aren’t all clustered next to each other.

MYTH: You can’t wear gold and silver jewellery together

This myth completely limits what jewellery we end up wearing. Put together, gold and silver can actually make a wonderful style statement. Try it for yourself.