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WHICH domestic goddess attempted to deceive her friends and failed?
Known to whip up a divine cake or two, she was unaware her guests had noticed packaging of an M&S chocolate torte in the bin which closely resembled the pudding their host had served whilst basking in compliments for her homemade efforts. The cheek of it.

WHO seems to be taking advantage of theirlocal gyms?
The chap who is going to extreme lengths and hiding behind a number of aliases in aid of receiving free gym day passes; managing to never pay the brands a penny. The gym staff should go to Specsavers!

WHY did the hairdresser ‘accidently’ dye their client’s hair the wrong colour?
Because the business woman was preoccupied with work on her smartphone and curt with her hairdresser. She wanted a natural light brown colour and left the salon with what resembles a strawberry blonde shade. A refund won’t quite cut it.

WHOSE boyfriend is unaware of his other halves’ texting habits?
The one who is constantly glued to his own smartphone that he is blind to the attention his girlfriend is recieving on her phone from other admirers. Put the phones down and try chatting.

WHICH babysitter was duped by the child they were looking after?
The youngster managed to convince them that he usually drinks Ribena after cleaning his teeth. The upshot was a rather hyper individual who wanted several books read to him and insisted on sleeping in the dog’s bed. Try explaining that one to the parents!

WHY did this local business owner refuse one of its customers?
Because they wouldn’t accept a credit card as a valid form of ID. Too bad for the mother of two who only popped out to buy a bottle of red, not thinking she would need her passport with her! She may have missed out on the wine but at least she recieved a back-handed compliment.

WHICH couple are in a quarrel over a pet?
Answer: The couple visiting an animal shelter who ended up having a blazing row over whether to adopt a cat or dog. Even the animals were howling or hiding, hoping they didn’t get chosen.

WHO is ruffling their boss’ feathers?
The marketing woman who brazenly called in sick after a night of drinking and karaoke. She forgot that she had told her colleagues her plans beforehand. Oops she did it again.

WHY Why is this mum trying to turn back the years?
Because she wants to keep up with her teenage daughter, particularly with her hairstyle. The two looked so alike at parents evening that it was embarrassing. It certainly got people talking though.

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