Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School hits all the right notes

Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School hits all the right notes

A group of talented pupils from Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School (TWGGS) has written and produced a Christmas carol for The Abbeyfield Kent Society, in the hope of raising awareness of the plight of older people suffering from dementia across Kent.

Inspired by a talk given by Abbeyfield Kent at the school, pupils Emily Camburn (year 8), Leah Holm-Mercer (Upper 6th form), Eleanor Hennebry (year 11) and Sylvia Villa (year 11) teamed up to compose the song. Entitled ‘Raise Our Voices’, it explores the loneliness and confusion experienced by those who suffer from dementia, and how by working together we can make a difference to their lives.

Keen to get involved, pupils of all years gave up their lunchtimes and stayed after school to practise and record the song, which features a full choir with piano and a strings section.

Sadly, Peter Booth, a much-loved music technician at TWGGS who helped the girls record the song, tragically passed away in a fatal car accident shortly after the song was completed. Enthusiastic, patient and talented, Peter is greatly missed; ‘Raise Our Voices’ has been dedicated to his memory.

The Abbeyfield Kent Society will feature the song in events across their Christmas calendar, with the song due for release next year. The girls will be appearing at Abbeyfield Kent’s annual Lantern Parade at Aylesford Priory, where they will be doing a special performance for residents from across Abbeyfield Kent’s homes.

You can listen to a recording of the carol here.