The Aisle of Fame
Ever wondered why some celebrity marriages stand the test of time and others are barely longer than an Oscars speech? LA based showbiz and entertainment expert Zoe Shenton gives her take on the star nuptials that are for better, and for worse…

We usually only hear about the celebrity marriages that failed before they even had a chance to flourish. Not least because there’s part of us that likes to be reassured that the rich and famous are just as prone to making monumental mistakes and aren’t nearly as perfect as they appear on paper. But for every doomed vow exchange (and there’s been plenty), there’s a handful of happy Hollywood marriages that continue to stand the test of time. But what’s the key to some celebrity relationship successes and why have others barely made it on their honeymoon?

30 years
While Tom and Rita Wilson have been married for 30 years, it’s easy to forget the Forrest Gump actor was married before after tying the knot with his high school sweetheart at the tender age of 21. They divorced nine years later, but the marriage wasn’t a complete failure – the pair had two kids and it made him realise exactly what he wanted in his next relationship. The actor has said you have to be great friends and also offered up this gem of advice: “Don’t get married until you’re 30.”

20 years
Despite their individual successes in the acting world, this showbiz pair have managed to keep their marriage out of the glare of the spotlight for two decades. SJP even recently admitted herself that keeping quiet about the couple’s love life was the secret to their healthy marriage.
A very wise Matthew has previously listed off three key ingredients to any healthy relationship: be kind and thoughtful, communicate and don’t go to bed angry.

Four months
The Bridget Jones star and country crooner’s fleeting nuptials was a classic case of a couple getting hitched before getting to properly know one another (which isn’t quite as bad as a Sin City shotgun wedding. Hello, Britney Spears!) They met in January 2005 and were married in May of the same year. The actress cited “fraud” as the reason for their separation that took place a short four months after they exchanged their vows, which one can only assume to mean she discovered something rather shocking about her partner that she previously wasn’t aware of. Spending more time before walking down the aisle would obviously iron out such a kink. Renee later described it as the: “biggest personal mistake of my life”. Ouch.

20 years
Jada recently shut down persistent Hollywood whispers claiming the pair are swingers who enjoy an open and healthy relationship. In fact, it hasn’t all been plain sailing for this star couple. After being dogged by divorce rumours last year, Will admitted they had to seek the help of marriage counsellors, which ultimately worked. They wouldn’t be the fi rst Hollywood pair to reveal they’ve hired outside help to work through their issues in order to move forward and rebuild their relationship.

Together for 12, married for three
This particular split took the showbiz world by complete surprise. Following an alleged fall out between Brad and eldest son Maddox on a plane, Angelina filed for divorce. Nobody saw it coming – possibly not even Brad. The defeated actor later said his drinking was partly to blame and he spent the months following the divorce assessing his weaknesses and re-evaluating his life. I wouldn’t be hugely surprised if the pair were to rekindle their relationship in the future now Brad has admitted where he went wrong.

18 years
David has been hit by a number of cheating allegations over the course of the pair’s 18 year marriage, but what appears to have kept them on track is the seemingly unbreakable brand they’ve built up over the years. While Posh and Becks are both successful in their own right, they’re far more valuable as a strong family unit. On top of that, Victoria has also explained that they still have lots of fun together.

11 years
A ten-year marriage in the world of showbiz is still pretty good going, but their split still came as a surprise. However, the reason behind it is far less surprising because there wasn’t a big blow out or anything sordid going on behind the scenes. It simply didn’t work. The pair remain on amicable terms, with Gwyneth even recently referring to the Coldplay frontman as her “brother” in a magazine interview – which might also serve as a good indicator on the state of their feelings for one another when they split. It looks like the passion had definitely died between these two.

9 years
On the outside it looks like they have it all, but it’s been a rough road for this power pair. Jay-Z all but confirmed he had repeatedly cheated on his superstar wife in a track featured on his latest album 4:44. Without referring to Beyoncé by name, the rapper then went on to elaborate on their difficulties and admitted the way to deal with them was to “tear it down” and start from the beginning. Presumably it was that or divorce.