Statius Management Services

Statius Management Services

In order to deliver at their maximum potential, all organisations need to optimise performance.

Using a combination of internal and associate resources, Statius can offer services in the full range of disciplines and processes.  Statius are experts at supporting and encouraging organisations to make a positive difference to the way in which they manage people, strategy and systems so that the client organisation is continually raising standards and optimising performance.  Any improvements made will be based on one or more of the four fundamental principles, some would say irrefutable laws, of management.

  • Understanding people.
  • Understanding variation; a real understanding of the performance measures.
  • Understanding the organisation as a system of connected parts.
  • Understanding how to demonstrate that an organisation has improved rather than merely changed.

Statius has a proven track record in delivering tangible financial and operational benefits to clients helping transform organisations.

Name: Statius Management Services
Address: Harlequin House, Bickley Crescent, Bromley, Kent BR1 2DW [MAP]
Telephone: 020 8460 3345