Reducing the cost of divorce

Reducing the cost of divorce

The annual tradition of setting New Year resolutions – join the gym, start that diet, stop smoking – we are fuelled by the inspiration of starting a brand new year, particularly after the indulgence the festive season brings.

For many the start of a New Year helps to focus our mind on other important considerations that are potentially life changing…such as getting divorced! New Year, new start, new life!

As a divorced man of 8 years, getting divorced for me was a relief, a breath of fresh air (and for my ex-wife too for that matter!). I tend to look at these things from more of a practical point of view rather than one blighted by emotion. What is the point in remaining in a loveless marriage, getting older and more miserable? Is it because of material things? Is it because of the kids? Quite often it’s the fear of what the financial costs of hiring a solicitor could amount to.

Going through a divorce can be a hugely stressful and emotionally draining experience and a very expensive one too as solicitors’ fees can spiral to an extortionate level. But do your legal costs really have to be so high? I’m pleased to tell you that the answer is no, they do not. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to go directly to the legal expert right from the outset rather than going through a solicitor middleman and incurring unnecessary expense?

Well now you can, by going direct to the legal experts and court room specialists who are Barristers. Previously barristers were prevented by professional rules from taking instructions directly from clients but things are different now. You benefit by receiving expert advice and representation from the outset and by paying considerably less overall. Cutting the solicitor out of the equation means you could reduce your legal costs drastically, often by 50-60%.

A solicitor may (and many do) instruct a barrister to act on your behalf at some future point, perhaps to advise on your case or to represent you in court. At this point of course you are paying for two lawyers! It’s simply not necessary but many people are still unaware they can go direct to a barrister.

Barristers are the legal experts and the people to go to. The real benefits to clients compared to using solicitors are legal expertise, expert advocacy and lower fees, and you can get all this by going to them direct.
So how do you access this specialist and elite profession or even know which barrister would be the most suitable to help you with your case? You contact people like me. I am The Barrister Broker and “I help people reach the best outcome”.

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