Uckfield pulls together to support The Marketing Eye in the aftermath of the fire

Uckfield pulls together to support The Marketing Eye in the aftermath of the fire

The Marketing Eye is pleased to report that, less than two weeks after the Uckfield fire which devastated its offices, the company has settled into temporary offices in Uckfield and it’s very much ‘business as usual’.

“We are still extremely saddened by the fire which destroyed our historic offices, but our disaster plan proved robust and we were back up and running almost straightaway,” says Neil Edwards, Managing Director of The Marketing Eye. “I am proud to say that we didn’t miss a single deadline and only had to postpone one meeting. Having said that, we couldn’t have achieved what we have since the fire without the support of the business community here in Uckfield.”

The offices of The Marketing Eye, along with those of its neighbour, Swindells, and four shops beneath the offices, where severely damaged by the inferno which, all the evidence suggests, was started deliberately in the bins to the rear of the building. The police have since arrested three suspects, aged 18, 17 and 17.

The Marketing Eye is particularly grateful to the law firm, Dawson Hart, which immediately stepped forward to lend the company temporary accommodation in an annex to its offices at 101 High Street, Uckfield.

The Marketing Eye’s back-up systems proved to be robust and, with the help of Knibbs Computer Services, the company’s emails and data were quickly restored.

The Marketing Eye is also indebted to Abtec Communications for its help with its telephony requirements following the fire. Managing Director, Anthony Beard, found Neil on the morning of the fire and offered to take on all liaison with BT and other providers.

The Marketing Eye’s ability to recover from the fire has been underpinned by the excellent support it has received from its insurance broker, Uckfield-based Expert Insurance Group, which is working with the company to ensure that its claim is dealt with as quickly and painlessly as possible.