Life Online

Life Online

From writing fashion features to posting about family fun, we meet the local women who are at the forefront of the blogging world

It’s hard to keep track of just how many blogs there are in the world, but when you take into account that one of the leading platforms, Tumblr sees 291.7million posts written a month, and WordPress has 409million people viewing more than 21.4billion pages monthly, it’s safe to assume that blogs, and bloggers have a substantial standing and an influence that many companies and business people could only dare to dream of.

Locally, the blogging scene is thriving – from those who write about their pets in their spare time, to those who have made their sites into a full time career, there’s never been a time when blogging has been more prolific. We speak to four local bloggers, who share their thoughts on the online world, and how the platforms they created have changed their lives…

The Foodie Blogger

The Family Blogger

The Fashion Blogger

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