Effective marketing and Google Analytics

Effective marketing and Google Analytics

Written by Nicola Purdie, React Brands    www.reactbrands.co.uk
Image: Showcasing the basic format to tracking Daily visitors, traffic type and location.

All manners of businesses are faced with a plethora of online marketing tools, which can either be free, cost money, or cost you time! If you are a small business, the idea of spending unaffordable amounts on marketing deems necessary yet unrealistic.

On the other hand, a larger company often employs a marketing agency or individual, which extract a large sum of their yearly marketing budget to spend it here, there and everywhere.

So, no matter if you have one employee or 20, I propose this: know your market, know how they work and where they come from. Your marketing should be focused and channeled to the right people in the right location; sporadically spending money will gain neither brand awareness nor new customers.

A key tool in planning your online marketing strategy is Google’s Analytics. This is not hot out on the market and most of you will have heard of it. However, if you have not yet implemented into the back end of your website, or you did it a year ago and not touched it since then do it now! Here’s why:

Analytics is free to download and offers invaluable insights in to which page people arrive onto your website, how long and which pages they spend time looking at, whether it’s their first visit or how many times they’ve returned.

It is down to us to channel this information and put it to good use to turn visitors into paying customers/clients.

GA can track how they came across your website, was it via a search engine? Social Media? Directory? Once you’ve established this, you immediately know which areas you need to focus your marketing on. The same applies demographically, if you trade internationally, GA can plot which town and country all your visitors come from.

As with most of these tools, keep an eye on it and give it a realistic amount of time, maybe 3 months, to gain an accurate insight to how your website is used and viewed.

Use this invaluable information to improve your visitor experience, analyse the data and market effectively.

This barely skims the service but I hope it’s provides you with enough information to want to go learn more about it.